Lori Sica, NJ Greats ConnectpreneurAbout Lori Sica NJ  Greats Connectpreneur: As a life long resident of New Jersey, I am amazed at all this state has to offer. While it is small in size, opportunity is larger than large. Minutes from Manhattan, miles of coastline and many towns and cities to hang your “open” for business sign. Cultural lineage dates back to Ellis Island immigration and many of those generations framed their lives here, sharing their trades and talents.

There is no shortage of history in this state either. George Washington had several Revolutionary War encampments, the first ever recorded baseball game was played here and the State House in Trenton is America’s second oldest still in use. Let’s not forget that New Jersey is also home to one of the greatest innovators of all time, Thomas Edison. That spirit is alive and well today. For every entrepreneur who opens shop here, the network opportunities are endless.

NJGreats is the bridge to networking small businesses not just across the state, but globally. We are dedicated to increasing knowledge social media visibility, opportunity and connections to help business owners network success. I am dedicated to raise the bar for New Jersey entrepreneurs. There is a world of opportunity out there. Come network with me
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