Gelotti, Making the Holidays Merry and Sweet

MONTCLAIR,N.J.- Winter is here, and Gelotti of Montclair released their winter flavors just in time for the holidays. Mike Guerriero, and Breanna Brito are ready with traditional and original winter themed flavors guaranteed to sweeten the snowiest of nights.

A fun twist on a holiday staple and must try is Gelotti's eggnog chip. So rich and creamy, balanced with chocolate, you can't go back to drinking the store-bought stuff. Another richly flavored favorite is Ginger Snap. We recommend topping with fresh whipped cream. Move the candy dish off the table and bring the ice cream bowls. Peppermint Bark is a frozen version of the traditional treat that amps up the minty cool taste, layered in dark chocolate. If you prefer peppermint with out chocolate, Candy Cane is the flavor to try; another one we recommend with fresh whipped cream.

Along with winter flavors' arrival, Gelotti mugs are now available, complete with spoon to hold your favorite ice cream, gelato, sorbet, brand new edible cookie dough, or a Gelotti gift card ready for gift giving.

The winter line up would not be complete with out Gelotti's signature Panetone Nutella Gelato. Guerriero soaks an entire Panetone in milk before blending in Nutella gelato. This and a shot of espresso is the ultimate finisher.

More than just frozen treats, Gelotti upholds a long time commitment to using all natural ingredients. Guerriero goes one step further, insuring all allergen concerns are addressed clearly. He & Brito are huge supporters of local and rally to keep the neighborhood "feel" at all Gelotti locations. Make the trip to Montclair or Caldwell this season. Be sure to congratulate the team on earning "Best Ice Cream in Essex County" honors, and take advantage of the December special. Its guaranteed sweet returns.

For more about Gelotti Caldwell click here for Gelotti Montclair, here
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