Its a Party and Everyone is Invited

February 18,2017 RedBank-- NJ Heading south on the Garden State Parkway on a Saturday night can only lead to something wonderful. Parking just a block from Count Basie Theatre on an unseasonably warm February evening, carried the excitement of the pending event and faint salty breeze from the Navesink. Decades Rewind was about to begin. I had no idea I was in for a night like this. The sound of Journey, Prince and Michael Jackson erased the last 27 years along with a powerful, moving performance by vocalist Coya Jones, who absolutely can sing "Whitney in Jersey". Just as the essence of Aquanet washed over me, everyone got out of their seats and danced to Gloria Gaynor, the Commodores and Donna Summer. The disco ball fired up and the iconic Studio 54 logo was everywhere. The more the music played, the more memories flashed across the screen and through my mind.

As the 60s era rolled out audience participation was full capacity, everyone was singing or dancing. The emotional imagery, the tributes to greats like Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and the Beatles had everyone on their feet. The footage from Viet Nam and Woodstock had our hearts on overdrive.

Truly a magical meld of music and imagery, evoking all kinds of emotion . A perfectly timed hiatus from the stress of the world of today as the musicians & vocalists brought us back to a world of yesterday. Bring your besties and get tickets for a venue near you, its a not to be missed night to remember. As creator Peter Gatti says, its not a show, its not a concert, it is a party.... and everyone is invited.


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