Gelotti Brings The Community Together In A Sweet Way

July 31, 2016 Its National Night Out, celebrated August 2 through out communities across the United States. A tradition rich in history and that began twenty years ago is coming to our streets at a most opportune time. Mike Guerriero and his wonderful world of frozen treats, Gelotti will participate for the third consecutive year, supporting three communities with sweet confections and neighborhood connections.

national night out

Gelotti has supported Fairfield Night Out for a few years. This year Guerriero himself organized the event in Caldwell with festivities at The Grover Cleveland Historical Site. All law enforcement and first responders are treated to ice cream. Guerriero's idea, Cones with a Cop, is a great way to say thank you. His newly opened Montclair location will sponsor the event happening on South Street.

For more information and family fun, click on TAP Into West Essex

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