We Are Gonna Tell New Jersey’s Best Kept Secret

June 16, 2016 - While the town of Dover hosts a diverse cuisine through out the city streets, some of the best Morris county has ever tasted is located in the train station parking lot. You read that right. For ten years Big D's Dogs served up natural casing "hot dog truck" hot dogs; but that is not all. After securing a year round permit from the town, the menu expanded and got very interesting. Donny Angelone brings authentic homemade Italian cooking to the train station, and it's more than worth the trip.

BigD dogs

Monday's special is meatball sandwiches. Angelone deals with two famous Morris county bakeries known for real Italian bread, insuring freshness daily. He loads an italian roll with his mother's recipe meatballs, known through out Essex county, giving your Nonna's best a challenge. They are so good they are guaranteed "the best meatball sandwich you ever had or its free". Not one customer asked for their money back.

bigDs meatball sandwich

Wednesday special is the "original" Italian hot dog. Real pizza bread filled with fried peppers, onions and potatoes or Angelone's signature hot potatoes. He says they are "Jimmy Buff style". Anybody that knows anything about Italian hot dogs knows they originated in Newark. Angelone brought them to Morris county and even years after, "pizza bread is a new concept for people here".

On Friday, Big D's serves sausage and pepper sandwiches made with pork sausage, vinegar peppers and onions and those hot potatoes on a fresh Italian roll. These specials sell out early and fast. The regular customers keep coming back.

So much more than just a dirty water dog truck, Angelone offers "the everything" dog with real cheddar cheese chili onions & sauerkraut. "IF stuff doesn't fall out, there ain't enough on it", Angelone says.

While quality ingredients and great homemade taste drives the business, its his loyal following that keeps the truck going. Return customers are a result of word of mouth, literally, as Angelone does not advertise and only recently started a Facebook page. The location serves many in the workforce that commute daily as well.

big d sign1

As amazing as the food is at Big D's, equally as amazing is Angelone's best pals who are always at the truck with him. On a sunny day 2 or 3 of the guys sit right in front of the truck in lawn chairs, some are inside with him. Some travel over a half hour to get there, some take them home to their families, but all of them are like brothers, and if the best meatball you ever had doesn't bring you back at least once, sitting with these guys will. Angelone wakes up every day doing what he loves to do, most of the time with the guys he hangs out with, supporting him. His customers are regulars, he knows them by name. You may be standing in front of food truck but you feel like dinner with the family.

Find Donny Angelone & Big D's Dogs on Morris Street in Dover near the NJ Transit Station
Facebook Page Big D's Hot Dogs

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2 Responses to We Are Gonna Tell New Jersey’s Best Kept Secret

  1. Dana Lombardi says:

    Great guy Great dogs my boys love them !

  2. Anthony says:

    Big ds hot dogs are great the onions are the best I ever had I had the meatball sandwich on a Monday they where homemade and tasted delicious, and the sausage sandwiches are to die for,I drive all the way from Nutley to eat his food. I have a ton of hot dog trucks by me but none of them compare to big ds hot dog truck. And the guy that owns it is a great guy he’s like a big teddy bear lol