Local Love and Support Pouring in for Humble Local Icon

At some point in your life at some place in Morristown Eric "Fluffy" Glover has made your day, movie experience or night significantly better with his kindness, effervescent personality and engaging curiosity. Now you have a chance to do the same for him.

In the past 48 hours over 600 people have donated to help Eric, who has been homeless for some months, secure housing and repair his car. Fluffy fan, Lidia Udrija, wanted to help out and created a GoFundMe page where many have donated and left messages of encouragement.

eric glover

Our friends at MorristownGreen.com published a great story sharing some local love for Eric, see it here

Whether its the AMC Theaters , or the Dark Horse Lounge, where he also works, you can guarantee he will make your experience better just being there.

Interested in supporting Click here
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2 Responses to Local Love and Support Pouring in for Humble Local Icon

  1. Tony says:

    Eric IS Morristown!

    • admin says:

      He sure is. Just as you and your amazing family are the fabric of the history of this great town. Thanks for reading & commenting. Love you guys ~Lori