Bacon ~ Its Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Bacon brings more people together than almost anything. It is talked about, posted, tweeted, the first to disappear from the breakfast buffet and lately, showing up in every corner of the epicurean world. Fad, perhaps but for the socially adept one hashtag sign in front of the world starts global conversations.

While some still "fry it up in the pan" , we came across some other place bacon has graced. Some, a surprisingly tasty intersection of flavors and some, not so much. The decision is in the tastebuds of the beholder, or better said betaster

We are such fans of Anthony's Cheesecake in Bloomfield. Everything from breakfast to dessert is made with fresh ingredients and passion to serve. While their cheesecake takes top billing, the other desserts on the menu are pretty show-stopping as well. Bacon pretzel ice-cream with macadamia nuts and toblerone made the Thursday night special menu recently and was a huge hit

anthony's bacon icecream

Boca Java gourmet artisan roasted coffee has a special blend called maple bacon breakfast. The aroma fills the kitchen of Saturday morning breakfast every morning and any crisp fall night.


Another local favorite Enjou Chocolat brings two indulgent favorites that do taste great together
Their bacon bits bar is made with rich milk chocolate and topped with salty savory bacon. An instant classic. For more about this confection click here

Clearly we can not get enough bacon. But thankfully, food crafters, chefs and artisans continue to create with bacon blending tastes and textures that, well make us crave more bacon.

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