Dickie Dee’s World Famous Says Goodbye To Founder

Belleville ~ Newark New Jersey is the hub city. Most tri-state families can say some part of their ancestry passed through, lived in or worked in that city. More New Jersey "greats" came out of Newark than most of the rest of the state. This week past week Domenick "Dickie Dee" D'Innocenzo passed away, founder and owner of Dickie Dee's. Known for world famous italian hot dogs and pizza, Dickie Dee's is an icon.


It's one of those places everyone knows about and reminisces about even if they haven't been there in years. Its a place you made sure you never drove by with out "running in for some" and made sure you grabbed a few extra. When a craving hit, taking a little ride was the next order of business. The classic italian hot dog involves fresh pizza bread, an all beef frank, deep fried, peppers onions and heavy on the potatoes and a few smears of mustard sometimes ketchup also known as "all the way" . Dickie Dee's were like non-other.

Now that any foodie reading this has fallen into a crave, take that ride down Bloomfield Avenue, grab a few doubles, which still cost around 6 bucks, and be sure to pay respects to the folks who stood by the man who built the brand.

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