Straight From The Plantation To Your Cup

Kafes Guatemala; Pablo Castaneda is on a mission
Pablo grew up in the coffee culture of Guatemala where he learned from the best families that have cultivated the art of growing coffee for generations. His love for the art and tradition behind the coffee inspired him to start his own company with which he could share the unique Guatemalan coffee experience with the rest of the world.
He shares his passion here;


Our mission is to create a prestigious presence and represent the best-roasted gourmet Guatemalan coffees in the international market.

Our vision is to develop a unique market of gourmet coffee buyers and drinkers throughout the entire world and to share with them the unique taste, flavor and experience of 100% fresh Guatemalan coffee.
We are passionate about our coffee. Producing true gourmet coffee is an art form that has been passed down from generation to generation in Guatemala.
We are a Guatemalan company committed to having the best coffees from our country, we are striving to get coffees from all eight regions. Each one of them has a different characteristic and its own personality. Imagine having access to volcanic, rainforest, highland or desert soil. Or perhaps a blend of all. Let us stimulate your senses and let your palate enjoy the experience!


We know that every single step in the process is important, from the harvesting to the processing, to the coffee-tasting. We have the ability to ensure exquisite coffee in every bag we sell.

Straight from the
plantation to your cup...
Kafes Guatemala

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