A Jersey Mom On A Mission

The Empanada Fork & Pastry Utensil

Its one thing to cook for large family gatherings and holidays. Its something completely different to turn your kitchen and family into an assembly line cranking out empanadas on demand. It was then Hipatia Lopez began her mission. Her passion to start a business combined with her husband, Henry's love to cook gave set the stage. And just like that the idea for the empanada fork was born.

Hipatia always had a strong drive to succeed. High school academic success led to college scholarships a degree in accounting. Her desire to open a business while being married with three kids motivated her even more. Husband Henry has passion to cook and create. Together with some research legal advice, patience, and a lot of passion, trial and error, the patent for this crescent shaped “closer" was theirs.


Check out Hipatia's family's video , both parts.

In these five years the empanada fork continues to evolve, opening more doors for Hipatia and her passion to give and grow. The website, is filled with recipes for the many uses empanada fork has as well as blogs and links to many businesses. She recently had the opportunity to attend the Small Business Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. She was also named 2014 Women of the Year by the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

While this journey began to make empanadas more efficiently, there is more behind the woman and the mission. Hipatia and Henry are raising their kids locally and sharing their passion for growing small business globally. They work hard to preserve family values and support entrepreneurial spirit. We are grateful folks with future vision have roots right here in New Jersey.

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2 Responses to A Jersey Mom On A Mission

  1. I love her entusiasim. As soon as I saw her product and her personality, I knew I wanted to bring her to QVC television. She is the ideal client with a great product!

    Lisa Ascolese AKA “The Inventress”

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