Local Artisan Returns To Roots With Gifts From Her Soul

After a trip to Bali in 2008, Pamela Forman’s life changed. Inspired by Hindu culture, the detailed design work of the Balinese and her passion for yoga, her illustrator talents were put to work creating beautiful sterling silver gemstone jewelry. But it’s more than just craft work, it comes from a place in her soul. The beauty of moonstones drew Forman in as a child, she had collected them for years. Her travels led her to find the best quality moonstones in India. She then integrated the moonstones into fine silver work inspired by intricate Balinese designs. Then, combining the skills of an illustrator and the inner balance of studying yoga for many years, it was time to make an outward expression of her inner passion.

Forman describes her work as “a rare blend of Bohemian spirit and Victorian charm." The high-quality semi-precious gemstones are naturally infused with healing properties, and some pieces contain symbols or words with spiritual meaning. She connects with her pieces as an artist, visionary, craftswoman and spiritualist. Her drive to create beautiful jewelry with uplifting spiritual meaning comes from practicing yoga for 16 years, her trips to Bali, Art Nouveau, Astrology, and her love of moonstones.

Forman calls Rhode Island home now though she was born in New Jersey. She has displayed her work at trunk shows as nearby as New York and across the country as well. New Jersey will get to see her work one more time this season at Bloomingdales Short Hills Private Sale promotion The trunk show prices are terrific giving customers 20% regular prices as well $25.00 off every $100.00 spent. She will be there June 4- June 6 10am-7pm and June 7th from 11am-7pm.

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