The Ave Is Alive With The Taste Of French Macarons

When Maureen O'Neil realized that her kitchen and bake shop was not nearly as big as the orders pouring in for her authentic French macarons, it was time to consider expanding. A perfect location was just waiting for her on Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell.Last month, she made that move, and we were there when she opened the doors. Conveniently located across the street from a favorite place Rockn' Joe Caldwell, also known as HQ, mac lovers can balance their favorite confections with caffeinated creations. But its not just macaroons.

a view from Asalt & Buttery

a view from Asalt & Buttery

Chemist by trade, Maureen traded a laboratory for a kitchen and her tools of the trade blend only all natural ingredients and flavors. The mac menu is extensive and alluring.

Asalt& Buttery mac menu

asalt&buttery macs

While rich savory favorites likered velvet or dark chocolate sea-salt present dessert beautifully, there is something about lavender honey that brings a cup of tea to a new level. The possibilities are endless. And then, "ugly but good cookies' happens. Light and crispy sweet with an almond flavor; easier to eat then describe, but as one raconteur describes "do not eat while driving.


Maureen is constantly coming up with flavors and designs for her authentic macarons as well as cupcakes cookies and cakes. She is seconded by her daughter Alexandra and there are always fresh new faces at the counter. Even the mayor stopped by. Her macs make great favors and wonderful additions to your dessert buffet. Stop in for a visit or contact Asalt & Buttery for a consultation on your next catered event.

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