He is Tim Byrne

He is a son and a brother. He is a student and an athlete. He is a football player and a wrestler. He is a scholar and a poet. He is a leader and a volunteer. He is a thinker a visionary a writer and a believer. He is Tim Byrne. In April the National Football Foundation honored many great players from Morris and Sussex county awarding them the title Scholar Athlete. Byrne was on that list.

Criteria for National Football Foundation honors include excellence in academics, athletics and citizenship, Through out his career, Byrne’s contribution to football and wrestling far exceeded the time on the field or mat. As captain in both sports he gave 100% and lead by example. As a junior, he captured All -Conference Honorable Mention in both sports, and made First Team All-Conference in football as a senior. Equally dominant on both sides of the ball and the mat, he was aggressive and accurate. If the line didn’t make a way for him, he made his own If he took somebody down, it took a while before they got back up. His words were just as powerful too, inspiring his teammates before and after games and matches.

His work ethic; stealth, with grades as equally impressive as his stats. Byrne will graduate this year with multiple years of high honors recognition, and Vice President of the National Honor Society. He placed third in the Visions Literary Magazine Poetry contest in 2014 and is an International Baccalaureate Diploma candidate.

tim& brian byrne

Completing a cord of three strands, Byrne already has an impressive list of volunteer and leadership experiences. From 2013 to present he was appointed a peer leader at West Morris Mendham High School and PALS (Project Adventure Leadership Services) leader. He currently serves as a youth coordinator at the Morristown Community Soup kitchen and a youth representative on the missions committee of the Brookside Community Church where he participated in the Appalachian Service project in 2014. He also owns and operates his own landscaping business.

We congratulate Tim Byrne on his most recent achievement named National Football Foundation Scholar Athlete and his appointment at Penn State University in the fall. He more than carried out his brother Brian Byrne’s legacy, honoring him by wearing number 34 his senior year; he carved out his own. Morris county will miss him, and PSU will be a better place when they have him.
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    He’s one of our all time favorites as well!