When In Rome … Drinking Coffee

When I travel, once the destination and accommodations are settled; the departure is complete and the trip is in full swing, the next thing on my mind always is coffee. How soon will I get it where will I get it what kind of brew method is available; these are the details that wander through my, and my guess would be most coffee lovers minds.

On a recent trip west, to a location my family frequented for many years, these very thoughts consumed me as a long plane ride ended and a road trip began. To my great surprise the large chain coffee company that occupied a boutique inside the resort was now a local roaster. The barista met my enthusiasm about the brand with even more and shared some of the facts about this local family owned roaster. One americano later I was hooked.

The story was great, a multi generational family owned business for nearly 100 years with a unique roaster and roasting style, and big flavor. Located in a big city not far from the town I was staying, I enjoyed the coffee that much more knowing it was locally roasted. Took some home too.There is truly nothing like fresh roasted coffee from bean to brew.

Be sure the next time I am actually in Rome, I will not only be drinking coffee, I will be writing about it too.

until the next cup

When in Rome coffee pic
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