Welcome AnyThyme Farm to the Neighborhood

I grew up singing the song, Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood, a Sesame Street classic. Well taking that advice I found an amazing young farmer right at the end of my street.

Meet Emily Hennelly proprietor of Anythyme Farm located in Mendham NJ. Born on a farm in Michigan and moving to New Jersey at the age of 3 the agriculture bug bit early. While attending University of Tennessee she worked for Organic Agricultural Extension, learning to extend growing season through use of hoop houses. Following graduation she worked at Bartlet Farms in Nantucket and learned the marketing end of farming, and developed a love for goats. The direction she took next was her home she grew up in, in western Morris County; an excellent location for farming and plenty of space available. After working for local Ralston Farms, it was time to go out on her own.

leaves of lettuce

leaves of lettuce

At her home, with the help of her family, she has a thriving hoop house, home to nutrient rich micro-greens and a specialty of her hers, blending spices and mint with micros.
She also has rows of lettuce varieties, basil, onions radishes kale spinach and more.
Emily also has flowers and plans to expand her selection.


Emily will be a regular at the Mendham Farmers Market at Pitney Farms
Located on Cold Hill Road in Mendham Saturdays from 9-1. This Saturday is the opening weekend and it runs through September. She also will take part in the Ramsey Farmers market, starting June 8th and future dates forthcoming.

Sometimes we don’t even have to leave our own neighborhoods to meet interesting people who do great things. Emily is one of them.

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