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Walking into EVR Lounge in the heart of Manhattans' Empire district, I realized I arrived three hours before the event began. In other words perfect timing. As glamorous as the runway is, the real magic of any fashion event takes place behind the scenes, where I got to see it take shape.
It was time for online fashion magazine International Fashionistas spring soiree and with the production team of Barbara Koning of Urban Gypsy Productions and Chance Spiessbach of Chance TV, this would be like none other.

I had the opportunity to sit with International Fashionistas founder, Elle Madrona. She graciously shared her passion seeing beauty in every culture and in every one her travels takes her to. Her eye for fashion goes deeper, aiming more for the heart. This show brought to life her passion and timed beautifully with the launch of her new book, “The Look”.
Madrona who was a former dance director and choreographer directed and choreographed the entire show and graced the red carpet adorned in a fabulous dress designed by Natasha Berezhnaya.


The vastly talented Michelle Parkes Hair team, Abigal Grace, Stephanie Castoro and Heather Zipko, fashioned each model with a look created by exclusively by Parkes, capping off the beautiful costumes worn by the models. When they are not revving up runway looks you can find them at Core Salon in Randolph, where Parkes is owner and artistic director.


Make up artists Holly Brewer and Averi Constance of HollyKat Cosmetics tagged teamed to bring the entire look together. Constance is pictured here with the beautiful Amanda Greer, who not only hosted the show with Speiessbach, but graced the runway with stunning beauty. The multi-talented Greer, is currently starring in Woody Allens “Play It Again Sam”, another show I look forward to attending.

Amanda Greer Averi Constance
Photo by amazing artist Arthur Eisenberg

Models ready, cameras flashing, and music pounding was the perfect atmosphere as guests pressed to see the runway come to life. I had the amazing view from the model entrance and even caught Amanda Greer’s less than 4 minute wardrobe change pulled off flawlessly by Michelle Parkes and her team. I also had the opportunity to get to know certified life coach and style consultant Susan Korwin and Dr. Robert Korwin. Korwin is also author of the book,"Simple Strides Towards Positive Change". She is beautiful from the inside out and I will have the honor to interview her about the book, getting rave reviews.


As I left the EVR lounge later that night I realized I had an incredible opportunity not just to write about a fashion event, but to witness a production take place where creativity beauty and performance came together; where beauty from around the world collided with New York City fashion and was fueled by passion, not just to create beauty but to see it and draw it out from within.
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