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We are calling this the March Coffee Madness “find of the month”. In the midst of all this coffee talk , the pending warm weather, and the “gastronomia to go” phenomenon that is the world of gourmet food trucks, we have found the mack daddy. The cord that weaves this all together along with the childhoood dream of chasing down the ice cream truck, is refined and redefined. We are talking about Mo’ Joe a Go-Go.

Before you paint the picture in your head of “food trucks of the past”, just picture the freshest coffee sustainably grown and artfully crafted, ingredients that are all natural free of artificial flavorings preservatives and GMOs whenever possible and the growing popularity of mobile cuisine. The redefinition of the "food truck" comes from the masterful artful and mindful passion and pursuit of excellence of Matthew Drew.

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His story is amazing and after listening to him I contemplated hopping a plane to Dallas because all I could think about for the rest of that day was that coffee. About to become a new dad with a prestigious career and the salary that comes with it, he found himself seeking real fulfillment that the power-job was not giving.
Looking to the constants in his life, coffee was the stand out. The plans to bring excellent quality to the market in a unique and sustainable way, the realization that his location lacked in specialty coffee availability, and a ton of research then gave birth to Mo’Joe a Go-Go

His drive; sustainability quality and artistry, which goes into every roasted to order cup he makes every day (had me at roasted to order) . His challenge; fuel & water resupplying, staffing, generators, heat, air conditioning, to name a few. His
focus; making a difference by providing amazing specialty coffee, taking time to craft each drink, and giving back; he gives a portion of his profits to Heifer International. A quick look inside this mobile slice of heaven reveals a rare espresso machine, fewer than 85 in use world wide and Matt's is the only one that is mobile.

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Now you know why I want to go to Texas for a cup of coffee. Well, more than a cup of coffee, a healthy dose of passion, a drive to make a difference with one of my favorite things in the world and one of the constants in Matthew Drew’s life; coffee.
Stay tuned for the full story behind Mo’Joe a Go-Go at NJGreats in the near future.
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