The Lost Art of Coffee And Cake

It could have been on a Saturday afternoon, a Tuesday night after dinner, or even Sunday after church. But that invite was the social event of the week; “why don’t you come over for coffee and cake?” It was how we socialized. It was tradition in some families and between friends. However, in a culture with no sugar, no fat, no gluten, no dairy and no flour diets, cake is shunned upon. Also, with the advent of drive through coffee establishments, coffee and cake is a thing of the past.

Unless, you are talking to Denise Smith owner of My Daughters Cakes who dreamed of owning her own shop when she realized, as a young child, that the “Easy Bake Oven” just didn’t make enough. Fostering that fascination early on, she learned the value of making and baking from scratch helping her mom make raviolis, her job was to seal the edges.


After pursuing a successful law career she still had the desire inside to learn more. Graduating from the French Culinary Institute, baking for friends and even setting up a website and filling orders regularly only made that desire stronger. After renting a “catering kitchen” for a few years it was time to fulfill that dream and find space that was pretty and that she could call her own. That space, My Daughters Cakes, is in Dumont and Denise consumes copious amounts of coffee while creating confection perfection.

Specialty cakes, wedding cakes, designer cakes, classes, interviews and countless cups of coffee make this dream a reality daily for Denise. Her passion comes through her words and is etched in the magnificent art work that she creates.
Stay tuned for more sweets from this sweet, including details on the grand opening and visit with Denise for a cake tasting. The coffee, will be on me

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