Jersey Raised Cortney Kern Shares His Barista Magic

You may know him as Barista Maniac, professional barista or Cortney. But do you know his wonderful story and journey through all things coffee? Did you know he was featured in the December issue of Barista Magazine last year?
Did you also know Cortney was a representative of CoffeCon2013 and a lead for Media this year and is currently head barista at Christ Church Of Oak Brook on Sunday morning?


March Coffee Madness would not be, with out sharing Cortney ‘s story. Little known but hugely loved fact is that he grew up right here in the great Garden State entered his passage into the art of coffee in Bridgewater. I had the chance to ask him some questions and his answers will make you run for a cup:

1)How did you become interested in coffee?

Back in 1997 in Bridgewater, NJ we got our first coffee shop and I spent numerous hours hanging out there. I loved the smell of coffee and the sound of the grinder going.
It wasn't before long I was offered a job there and so began my career towards coffee. Today, Im continuously amazed that I can consume a product every day that has come from thousands of miles away.

2) Have you ever roasted coffee or visit a grower?

Currently I'm in communication with Cafe Tio Conejo to distribute their farm grown green coffee from Colombia. Ivanov wants me to visit his farm when the time is right. I am also learning to roast coffee and love every minute of it.

3) You are a barrista /coffee reviewer, give us a typical day in your life

Wake up, turn my Rancilio Silvia (what a lovely machine this is) on and begin boiling water. I spend about an hour in my kitchen dialing in espresso with my Mazzer grinder from Cora Italian Specialties.

Then I choose a pour over method and make a single cup. I have such a passion for coffee and I learn something everyday. Honestly I get goose bumps sipping coffee throughout the day because it tastes like what I used to pay for at Intelligentsia and that was my goal all along.

4) What is your favorite kind of coffee AND favorite time of day to have coffee

Ethiopian coffees are my personal favorite because I like citrusy things. Mornings are my most desired time but appreciate a good cup throughout the day.

5) What are you currently working on

At the moment I have consulted a handful of coffee shops and trained a select few on latte art. I was asked by Pacific Green Coffee to create some brewing videos for their How To Brew section
I also work for Cora Italian Specialties doing Social Media for a what's brewing section on the front page of their website It's such an honor to bring my coffee skills to many and glad I'm appreciated.

We love Cortney’s passion for coffee and the art that brewing sharing roasting and drinking it truly is. He is fascinated by the large community of coffee bloggers,giving props to both Coffee Brew Guides by Garrett and the Bito Java & Rockin Roastin teams.
Be sure to catch his interview here

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  1. tracy says:

    heyyyyy I didn’t know Courtney’s from Juwzy! no wonder he’s such a cool guy 😉