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Our friends at Odacrem Coffee have provided us all with some amazing coffee facts myths and magic. Read on Mugs up friends

Growing up we heard it all, from it will stunt the growth of kids to causing heart attacks. But wait! Coffee is one of the most highly traded commodities in the world. Not only are we NOT a bunch of vertically challenged adults but we are still alive and kicking after decades of drinking coffee. So let’s cut to the chase and weed through the hype, debunking both the serious and not so serious misconceptions about coffee.
Coffee is bad for your health: Many of the early studies about coffee failed to take into consideration the lifestyles of those being studied. High stress lifestyles, smokers, drinkers, non-physical jobs, fast food junkies, health nuts and athletes all lumped together and when health problems arose it was the coffees fault and not the lifestyle. Now over time and more in depth studies are showing when you take into consideration the lifestyles, coffee drinkers fared better than non-coffee drinkers. Study after study is showing the antioxidants and good components in coffee far outweigh the bad and help protect us from MANY health problems such as Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Parkinson’s, Cirrhosis of the liver, and Depression. (
Caffeine is bad for you: Like everything else if taken to an excess it can be harmful and some people (me included) have a low tolerance for it. Does that mean it is bad for you? I don’t think so. I cannot drink it past noon or I cannot sleep but that is because of my crappy metabolism not the caffeine’s fault whereas my husband can drink it before bed and be asleep in 10 min. As a comparison Oranges are undeniably good for you correct? I love them, yet too much and it upsets my stomach, causing gas that will get me kicked out of bed at night, does that mean it is bad for everyone? No. Yes it is a stimulant, but it is a NATURAL one. No manmade chemicals or mood altering pharmaceutical drugs are in it. It boosts you mentally, helps with focus, concentration and awareness as well as helps with depression along with all the other benefits of the coffee itself. IF like so many you need or enjoy that kick you get from the caffeine weigh your choices. Coffee (or Tea): Natural loaded with Natural antioxidants. OR Soda/sports drinks/ caffeine shots, synthetic loaded with manmade chemicals and sugars, Hmmmm let me think about that?
Now for the fun stuff, most common misconceptions about coffee.

Espresso has more caffeine than a cup of coffee: Per serving brewed coffee has more caffeine because of its longer brewing time it allows for more extraction of the caffeine.
Espresso should taste bitter: So NOT TRUE!!! Although it often does this should not be. A bitter espresso is from one or more of the following. Over roasted beans which is quite common, over extraction, grind, poor equipment or lack of skill on the baristas part. A proper espresso should be a well-balanced combination of acidity, sweet, creamy and bitterness that leaves a pleasant taste. It should also be strong and full flavored enough to withstand any additives while maintaining that wonderful flavor.
Shiny coffee is better than dull coffee: Shiny is not a sign of freshness or flavor, shiny means close to or over roasted coffee. It has been roasted long enough to bring out the oils in the coffee but usually by then many of the natural flavors and sugars are cooked out of it. Not to say it makes it bad, it depends a lot on the bean. Quite honestly my dark roasts which are getting shiny are a big hit, use a bean that can stand the heat and maintain its flavor and you can still have a great coffee.

More expensive coffee tastes better: Well this one is half or sometimes true. It is true that some coffees do taste better than others and usually over time people realize this and start charging more for it. Then there are the ones created by hype, blown up by a good PR campaign and charged extravagant prices for, when cup to cup, you can get much better coffee at a much cheaper price. For instance the Kopi Luwak at $200 per pound, getting your coffee from the south end of a north bound Civet ( a cat type critter) where they claim the digestive process makes better beans is not living up to the hype. Buy the coffee not the commercial.
The darker the roast the more caffeine: Not True: The natural caffeine like the sugar in the coffee bean burns away the longer you roast it. A darker roast will lose much of the complex flavors a bean has including the fruity acidity, sweetness and some of the caffeine. Many types of coffee only end up with a strong bitter cup of yuck, but find the right bean that can take the heat and you can get a nice strong cup of eye popping joy.
Coffee is a diuretic: While true that the simulative effect of coffee can be slightly diuretic the volume of water consumed with each cup more than balances out the volume lost.
Decaf is better than Regular coffee: With the exception of the caffeine most of the health benefits of coffee are also found in Decaf making it just as good for you but without the stimulating benefits.
Additives to your coffee: Keep in mind that many of the creamers, milk, sugars, syrups and flavors that go into coffee can totally destroy the benefits of a cup of coffee. So find a local small roaster where you can get FRESH roasted, great tasting coffees that you can drink black or at least with minimal additives and enjoy the taste and doing your body good.
• As always drink responsibly and know your limits ☺

This information has been pieced together from multiple scientific research studies published, if you doubt it search for your own truth from the accredited institutions publishing the studies. A couple of my sources are:
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