For The Love Of Coffee ~ by Ashlee

I have a sweet friend, an "Across The Border Great" beautiful Ashlee. Even though she is in Canada, we share coffee all day long. She was kind enough to share her talent and love for coffee with us for March Madness

For the Love of Coffee!


As many of you know I am a coffee addict. I always have to make my 5 minute drive down the street to Tim Horton’s every morning because shhh don’t tell anyone but I don’t know how to brew coffee at home #OHDEAR

I have however discovered a keurig machine which has opened coffee doors for me lol! Put the cup in the machine, cup under and press start lol! I know lazy tee hee!!

What coffee means to me!


This quote is my favourite LOL


You can find sweet Ashlee's writings here

A Beautiful Life
And remember to head on over to sign up for their newsletter and choose a brew that you would love to try. Name it in the comments of ANY March Coffee Madness blog and enter to win it.
Mugs Up!
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