Odacrem Coffee ~March Coffee Madness in New Mexico

If you LOVE your coffee, it is probably because of the LOVE that went into making it.

Odacrem Coffee is not just the blending of beans it is the blending of two souls. One that grew up on the family coffee farm, learning to care for the coffee trees from the seed up and while growing up branched out to nearly every facet of the coffee business. The other soul started as a coffee lover and followed that passion back down stream learning about the bean and becoming a roaster of gourmet coffee. It’s the blending of these two heart and souls that drive the passion for excellence in perfecting roasted coffee, ensuring no one is disappointed in their cup of coffee.

Breaking away from the world of working for others and becoming entrepreneurs, Odacrem Coffee was founded in 2012. Market testing and sales proved we did indeed have what it takes to make great coffee. Getting that business started has been an altogether another challenge. Sounds easy enough right? Get yourself a roaster, some beans, bags, labels, a sealer and you’re all set right? If only it were that simple.
Like so many others in this economy we are a one income family, so no huge bankroll or even an awesome salary to finance leasing a building. With no business history and no bankroll getting a business loan was out of the question. With no bank roll and one income, signing a lease on commercial property was just too risky, the business would have to pay for itself from day one or it would default. (Which is one of the main reasons so many small businesses fail, they cannot make it through the startup phase). So we did not want to risk going that route.

In our mid 40’s and having lost our retirement when the economy tanked our plans had be made going the safest route possible so we chose to combine our living and business expenses by purchasing a property where we could both live and start our business.

We scrimped, we saved, we wore our clothing down to threads before buying more and in just over a year we cleaned up the glitches on our credit and saved enough to buy the perfect starter location. We had the right zoning to work and for a home so we were in heaven for about a month when the first big setback came. When researching the property before purchasing we had called zoning to verify we could use it for coffee roasting and were told yes, but this info and been incorrect as the areas Sector Plan had taken out the “treating of food products” which is what roasting coffee for retail sales falls under.

It was still possible we just needed to apply for a Conditional Use permit, prove that it would not harm my neighbors, win a hearing and we would be good to go. Since my neighbors didn’t have a problem with our roasting it should have been a piece of cake. Yet one small group in the area wants to keep commercial uses out of the already zoned commercial area in hopes to change the current zoning to residential only (something none of my neighbors want).

6 months, 3 hearings, 2 environmental reports and a lot of money later we have won the right to roast our coffee and share this liquid sunshine in a cup with everyone. Our plans are ready, our builders are ready to build the shop and we cannot wait to start. Empty cups are waiting for the joy to fill them YET they will have to wait a little longer as the leader of the small group has filed an appeal, halting everything pending the appeal hearing.

We are confident we will win the appeal as her grounds for it are baseless, it was her pride that was hurt making this a personal battle and the appeal a punishment of lost time on us for not bending to her will.
These are the types of battles us small roasters have to fight in order to bring you that awesome cup of coffee that you enjoy. Personal, moral and financial battles that are hard fought and when won, make every cup sweeter and better.

our girl Carol doing what she loves

our girl Carol doing what she loves

It is the small roasters out there that can provide:
• The freshest coffees to you
• That can custom roast a particular bean or blend for you
• Have a variety of premium beans in stock or the ability to custom order
• That can provide individualized customer service
• They are not someone’s employee, they are the mom and pops of this country where hard work and pride go into every bean they roast.
So next time you stop into the local small roaster take a moment and thank them for their perseverance, their dedication and their quest for excellence. For it was no easy task to roast that bean for you.
Coming Soon:
Odacrem Coffee Roastery
Where Quality and Freshness is everything.

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