Wouldn’t Be March Coffee Madness Without Starbucks Melody

Could not celebrate all things coffee with out giving credit where credit is due.
The first blog about coffee I ever read was written by Melody Overton also known as Starbucks Melody. Her fan-created site is the unofficial site for news and information about the Starbucks brands.

It is incredibly well written and Melody does a great job of bringing the brand to life; so much so that I want to do a Starbucks tour of Seattle. While all of the front line news is reported, what is fascinating is the history behind the brand. Things like the first ever Starbucks opened, Pike Street in Seattle the birthplace of the amazing Pikes Place Roast.

1st starbucks

There is always a great story behind the blend or location of a new Starbucks. Melody has chronicled the changes in the logo over the years and highlights up and coming new releases. It is such an informative and interactive blog. She regularly engages with her readers and offers give- aways all the time. The stand out is Melody’s passion that comes through her words. They make you not only want to sample the coffee or product she is writing about, but to interact and share about your experience. That, right there, is the true talent of a writer. As both writer and coffee lover, it is an honor to share about Melody and during March Coffee Madness our mugs are up as a tribute to Melody.

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