Across The Border Great Lisa Hamilton: She Makes Beautiful Things

It wasn’t just the beautiful photos of glittery charms paired with leathers or copper.
It wasn’t the tweets about hand stamped copper guitar picks. It wasn’t even the unique vintage silverware bearing wedding or anniversary dates. It was the Instagram challenge the amazingly talented Lisa Hamiliton took on that featured a photo a day for 30 days of all of her amazing creations that not only got me but kept me. And now I am a loyal customer, huge fan and a huger fan of Beadsoul’s creator, Lisa Hamilton.

Every day I saw another beautiful cuff bracelet pair of earrings or stackable rings I wanted them. The messages she engraves or hand stamps on her creations are beyond personalization. It is almost like she captures the heart of the one who bears it.


I commented daily and finally had a chance to speak with Lisa late last summer. Like most creative people, Lisa left the corporate world to pursue her passion. Hammering led to engraving led to welding led to the beautiful Etsy shop with more delights than any sweet shoppe. And it is more than just Lisa’s talent to create beautiful things out of a hunk of metal, the engravings are so beautiful and so inspirational they make both you’re outside and you’re inside sparkle. Lisa works tirelessly and runs the family household in the great state of Colorado. She smiles when she works loves the God carved landscape of her home state and brims with creativity, daily.


If you are not an Instagrammer you are missing out as Lisa shares her treasures. Go to Beadsoul on Etsy and scroll through pages of beautiful things, personalize gifts or special jewelry and always come to her with ideas she will bring them to life, beautifully

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One Response to Across The Border Great Lisa Hamilton: She Makes Beautiful Things

  1. Heather says:

    Just love Lisa’s work!