T.M. Ward Coffee Since 1869 and Brewin’

The great city of Newark was established in 1666. It is home to one of the busiest airports and seaports in the country and was named to Inc. magazines “Best Cities to do Business in America’’ list.

One of the pillars of this commerce –driven city is T.M. Ward Coffee. Opened in 1869 and now run by the family’s fourth generation, with fifth already in training, T.M. Ward is a paragon of fine coffee and confections with treasures in every corner of their 944 Broadway location.


Walking into the sweet aroma of roasted coffee among endless barrels of black diamonds and shelves lined with exotic flavors and blends was my “kid in a candy store” moment. And it really is a candy store too. While coffee lines the windows and walls, between them are isles of chocolate and yogurt covered treats. Endless containers of nuts roasted and mixed in many varieties and dried fruits brought me back to the first “sweet shop” I ever walked into many years back. Along the back wall and sprinkled through out the store is their own fresh roasted peanut butter…forget Kansas we are home.

barrels of beans

Among all of this lies 145 years of tradition, family heritage and downright amazing coffee. I was brought in to the back of the store where packaging labeling and peanut roasting takes place. It was amazing. The machinery was buzzing along bagging fresh beans, stacks of burlap were stored near by and oh the magnificence that is the aroma of those beans. It almost distracted me from Scott and brother Rob’s tour and telling of their families’ story of coffee and commerce.

As I followed them back even to the loading dock, I could not help but think of the generations of hard work handed down from great grandfather and long roads of trial error and triumph that brought T.M. Ward not only where it is today, but where it is going tomorrow.

Some of their signature blends include Supreme Court Justice Judge Samuel Alito Bold Justice Blend, Full City Dark Roast and my current favorite Garden State Blend.The list of flavored coffee is endless including Bananas Foster and Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble. If you are craving coffee as I now am click over to T.M Ward Coffee and get in on the greatness. Better yet stop in their Newark location for an experience like none other or visit their Chatham location. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Either way you are guaranteed an exceptional coffee experience.

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