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People look at me funny when I say my daughter has Aspergers syndrome. How do you explain it without an intermission for a bathroom break? I realize the focus is always on what makes the person with autism different from a neuro typical person? I can try and explain her sensory integration issues, social skill issues, nervous system over load, hyper focus ect but really I can't think of a single neuro typical who doesn't have some of these traits. So let me tell you about Mallory who has Aspergers. She is sincere. She will not pretend to be your friend she will be your friend. She is accepting she won't judge you or talk about you behind your back. She is honest incapable of telling a lie. She is literal and will believe what you tell her please don't manipulate her. She is loving though she will not say "I love you" but you can't miss it because everything she does is with love. She is kind she will not stop looking to find what you need. She is funny and cries when she means to laugh and laughs when she really wants to cry.She knows you before you even speak though you may not be aware that she is even paying attention to you. She believes in you but also believes she will get hurt she always does. She doesn't give up despite devastating set backs. She writes poetry from deep in her soul. She is a teacher though she has no degree or pay check. She teaches what unconditional love is. She teaches patience. She teaches perseverance. She teaches gratitude. She teaches humility. She teaches honesty. She teaches what it is to suffer. She teaches what rejection feels like. She did not choose this life but she accepts it, embraces it and works harder at making the most of it than anyone I know. I'm blessed to have her in my life and I am so proud of her. That's Mallory!
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