One of the Greatest NJGreats Still Strong

As many of us around the Garden State look back on this week a year ago, when Sandy ripped through New Jersey, NJGreats is looking at the friends families and businesses that stood strong and made a difference during the past year.
This morning, and always, we honor the Scarpa family, who made memories for more than we could ever count. The following was a post from the summer. And while it is still a transition time, they will always be strong and always represent what is great about the Garden State.

If you ever spent time from Bay Head to Seaside in the last 50 years, you know the Scarpa family.
If that name doesn't ring a bell, how about Playland, Fred's Peds, Beach Rules, The Snack Shack or Mini Golf.
You didn't drive in to or out of Lavallette with out dropping some change in the rides games or Juke Box at Playland or walk down the boardwalk in Ortley and stop at the Snack Schack for a quick treat.I know you have not sat on the beach down the shore and watch someone violate the Beach Rules.
Please help me honor this amazing family who brought you many wonderful vacation memories as their most personal treasure and solace from the world had to be knocked down this week. You read about Beach Rules in a past post. Stay tuned for the history behind these Jersey shore treasures. Stay Strong and see you next summer.

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The Classic Play Land

A sad day
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