Gem of Middlesex County Milazzo & Mattey’s New Look

I made the drive down Rte 18 and beheld the metropolis that Rutgers University has become since I graduated some years ago. The football stadium alone was a sight. What I didn’t know then, was just a few turns off of Route 1 south was Milltown, a beautiful, front porch, corner store kind of town. Here in this little slice of heaven is Milazzo & Mattey arguably one of the most unique stylist and hair designers you will ever experience.

Elena Mattey co owner and creator, shared her story with me while I enjoyed a spectacular color treatment, balaiage ; a touch of highlight in my wonderfully curly cocoa brown tresses. Check out their Facebook page for the beautiful design. Mattey was an artist with a bold creative and entrepreneurial spirit. When working for a local sculptor was not the best environment, she got licensed to cut hair. After working at another salon and learning how to build a career, she partnered with Gloria Milazzo and began her fearless journey to redefine style. “Our strengths compliment each other and it works really well for us” she said.


Inside the door of Milazzo & Mattey you find soft colors, hardwood floors and a cozy atmosphere. Allison Gross, Mattey’s assistant and Stephanie Aretakis, once client now stylist offered their own stories of their journeys and the roles they share at Milazzo & Mattey. They both really brought something special to my experience, and spoke highly and lovingly about their visionary leaders. The talent of Elena Mattey lies in her amazing expertise. While the salon has a the comfort of a small town establishment, Mattey has worked runways photography shoots and has an A list of clients. Her brilliance lies in the fact that no matter who you are, you will get exceptional service.

Milazzo & Mattey truly embrace the community they serve. They take part in many local and national charities including the National MS Society and fundraisers for the local police department. They also have supported Summer Safe for kids.

While the color blanketed and beautified my curls, I was privileged to learn of a side project Mattey is working on . She, along with Izunami is launching the Fume Iron, a tool that removes 99.9% of the harmful vapor from keratin treatment. After watching her father succumb to lung cancer a few years ago, Mattey researched relentlessly to bring a product like this to market, making keratin treatments safer for clients and stylists. With Izunami at the helm this will be in salons across the country.

What stays with me to this day, even above the excitement of this product launch, the incredibly comfortable feeling while I was there, the above excellent service I received and the extensive depth of the woman Elena Mattey is, was one simple detail. Not 15 minutes passed by without someone stopping in, just to say hi, see how things were going. You know that “neighborhood” feeling that seems to have washed away from our culture. It was amazing. Walking out of there, my hair was transformed, my creativity sparked and my heart warmed.

NJGreats is proud to help launch Milazzo & Mattey’s brand new website and online store. Check them out for the latest happenings events and specials. We more than recommend a visit. We know you will love it.

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