US Strong Reports The Extreme Financial Impact of Sandy

Today US Strong released a report “Extreme Weather, Extreme Costs: The True Financial Impact of Hurricane Sandy on New Jersey Homeowners, Businesses and Municipalities. US Strong is a non-profit, non-partisan initiative focused on building support for Extreme Weather Relief and Protection. The report chronicles the still growing costs to rebuild since the debilitating storm. They interviewed many New Jersey folks including business owners, homeowners, first responders, and community leaders, who have been affected by Sandy. All agree, the need for protective measures in the event of extreme weather in the future is a necessity not just for New Jersey, it is necessary for the nation.

“US Strong is calling on Congress to create a dedicated “Extreme Weather Relief and Protection Fund” to protect and strengthen our homes, communities, public health, environment and economy.”

The time for talk is over, it is now time to act. Take a moment and read the initiative watch the videos and visit US Strong.US. Take the opportunity to tell your story. Support the mission so New Jersey is never left un-protected and un-prepared again

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