eKoffee Welcomes FFEINE Coffee Roasters To The Family

You know that special aroma coming from that little coffee house downtown? It draws you in and you can’t wait to get a cup. You may not have been back to that little place in years but you remember exactly how that coffee tasted. If you were travelling, one of the highlights of the trip was that cup. Enter best friends Jason & Jordana from New Jersey and their unending passion to provide the freshest cup of coffee and support small artisan coffee roasters and eKoffee.com is born.

Coming up on their 1st birthday this November, eKoffee is a one stop shop ecommerce marketplace dedicated to bringing small-batch fresh roasted coffee to their loyal consumers and also being a respected source for coffee information and education. A visit to eKoffee.com will open the door to over 100 fresh roasted coffees roasted by small batch artisan coffee roasters across the United States. Every roast has it's own individual write up including origin, a roast profile and a description so well written you can almost experience the aroma while you are reading. Recently I brewed some Patti’s Place Nutty Butterscotch Toffee around noon. The sweet aroma lasted all day. One of my kids walked in around 6 pm and asked what I made for dessert. The flavor was outstanding and with a shot of cream and a little sweetener, it was dessert. Click here to see eKoffee's wonderful menu of flavored coffees.


Both Jason and Jordana bring strong family ties, years of experience, resources from a family restaurant business and 28 years of friendship to the table. Add to that a dedicated passion for a truly masterful cup of coffee and a goal of outstanding customer service, and you have a perfect blend, making eKoffee the best place to shop for fresh roasted artisan coffee.

They are excellent students of social media, giving their business an advantage.
With Facebook promotions, email discounts, and twitter trivia questions, they reach many customers and develop a respected rapport, as Jason said “twitter is great for immediate customer service”. Also important to note, Jason has tasted every coffee eKoffee offers, no wonder the coffee descriptions are so tempting.

Like so many great folks in the Garden State, eKoffee has a giving heart. Recently they helped raise money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society through the R.A.L.L.Y. Campaign on Facebook as well as through sponsored events. They also sponsored an event for the D'Angelo Foundation which is a community organization that gives back to families in need.
It is the organizations that give back that always go forward.

NJGreats is proud to welcome the newest roaster to the eKoffee family, FFEINE Coffee Roasters from Chigcago. If you have not signed up for eKoffee’s Newsletter, please do so right on their home page to receive the latest information on FFEINE and the launch of their line up of fresh roasted coffee coming September 28th.

By now your cup is empty and its time for a refill. Shop eKoffee.com right from that chair and before you know it the aroma of fresh roasted coffee will be in the air and a wonderful roast will be in your cup.

Don’t miss eKoffee's just released 4 new offerings, and fall flavors. Stay tuned for brand new subscription shopping so you never have to worry about running out of your favorite blend and always check out their site and Facebook page for weekly special offers, contests, and more.

Want to meet the eKoffee Team in person? eKoffee is participating in the Allentown New Jersey Fall Harvest Festival on Saturday October 12 & Sunday October 13. Come on out to taste some fresh roasted coffee from around the country! There will be games, contests, and plenty of fresh roasted coffee to purchase and take home with you!




www. instagram.com/ekoffee


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One Response to eKoffee Welcomes FFEINE Coffee Roasters To The Family

  1. ruby says:

    There’s nothing like fresh coffee. This coffee-talk makes me thirsty! For now, virtual coffee cheers to you Lori.