The Privilege of The Scar

The word itself is negative. Scars are reminders of past pains. Very few of us, if any think of a scar as empowering. It is the mission of Amy Tippins of Rock Scar Love to not only turn that negative to a positive, but to share the message that “Scars R Sexy”; loaded words from a woman who is no stranger to an operating room. Amy, an organ donor recipient has multiple scars, or as she puts it “doctor’s signatures”

In February of 2013, Amy celebrated 20 years of living with a liver transplant. Her poignant and soul bearing blogging chronicles her many medical adventures, the desires of her heart and issues she is incredibly passionate about. Her website, is for everyone, everywhere who bears a scar, both invisible and visible. Here is an excerpt from her mission;

Scars R Sexy
“Sexy is...empowerment
Sexy is...strength
Sexy is...loving yourself
Most people think that "sexy" is a word associated with the art of seduction. RockScar Love is more! We believe that "sexy" is a word that describes who we are inside. It is about being a person of character in life's most difficult moments. Finding the strength to fight when we feel like we are losing a battle. In our darkest moments, we look inside ourselves to discover what we are made of. "Sexy" is recognizing that we are made to be precious”

Her clothing and accessory line bears the logos such as “You choose”, “like new but more expensive”, and my personal favorite, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”. Rock Scar Love is about embracing the scars we bear not as a memory of the pain we went through but as a chance to live and breathe better from the lessons learned from them. “The scar embraced can change lives for the positive”. Amy, through this amazing and unique mission encourages scar owners to share their stories right on the site further uniting and empowering those who suffer. She also fearlessly shares words of healing through pain and experience.


Please visit and help Amy spread this beautiful message, share your story and engage with a beautiful community of empowered scar owners and support a powerful mission. Shop the unique line of clothing and accessories ant help get the word out. You choose.

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