The Station Brings Families to the Table

One rainy Sunday afternoon my family headed to The Station looking forward to a great burger. We found something even tastier (if that is possible) on the menu. Our server gave us a basket and offered all of us to put our cell phones in, turned off. If we made it through the meal with out checking phones, we would receive 10% off of our bill.
I loved the idea and threw my phone in along with my husband. The teens however put up a mild fight, but gave in, and for the first time in a long time we engaged as a family, with out distractions. Every one participated in every conversation ranging from music to sports to even college choices. Plates of French fries and onion rings were passed and laughter shared. I looked around the place to see if anyone else was watching what was happening, because it felt like we were the only ones there.
That feeling of comfort among family is not easily achieved in a busy restaurant, but we felt it.

the station

I had the opportunity to sit with the great folks behind the promotion. They all agreed the feedback has been excellent. Manager, Geraldine Infantolino said “ families would come into the restaurant and they were all on their phones. No one was talking, so we decided to do something about it.” One table of 17 kids of all ages quickly put their phones in the “bread basket” and all of them engaged and laughed and played games through out the meal. All of them, every one of them, left only to realize they forgot their phones in the basket. That speaks volumes.

The great food and relaxing atmosphere seals the deal for a great dining experience.
The newly designed interior boasts a larger bar and spacious tables with beautiful glass walls leading out to a large patio area. Timing was on their side as renovations began just before Super Storm Sandy. The damaging storm knocked out power in most of Bernardsville, allowing for almost all the work to get done. Eight days later when The Station re-opened diners were treated to a beautiful new décor and the same great food. A quick visit to The Station’s website will give you a rundown of the weekly specials and events.

In this information driven technically addicted era we live in, it is refreshing to see that the values and standards that keep families strong are celebrated, and why not over a great meal.
Visit The Station in Bernardsville and tell them we sent you.

Browse The Station's website and Facebook to keep up with all the specials and events The Station has to offer
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2 Responses to The Station Brings Families to the Table

  1. Bob Burg says:

    What a FANTASTIC article. Great lessons on what’s really important in life. And, how, the Manager, Geraldine Infantolino found a way to provide a truly great dining experience to her customers based on that importance. As so many great leaders seem to do, she saw a need (as well as desire) that the customers didn’t even know they had until she *sold* it to them. Repeat business, greater loyalty and strong word of mouth will result in many more of these terrific family experiences and a lot more income for the restaurant.

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Bob for taking time out to recognize the importance of face to face communication. Especially in families and the busy life style of our generation. Some things should never go out of “style”. Thank you again