A Great Family Facing A Great Challenge

Please allow me to get personal here as a family near to my heart is in need:

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This is Jaxon. Look at his face. It is a blend of his dad and his beautiful mom's brother. I have known his parents for over 20 years. They were a part of all the special events in my adult life. And sometimes, just being with them was a special event. When you look at Jaxon's eyes, and broad smile on his face you would never know that just about a month ago he had a tumor removed from his body. You also wouldn't know that he is being aggressively treated for cancer in his blood vessels. He is the first of two beautiful young people I know who are battling such a fierce enemy. Funny thing, when I first went to see him in the hospital he was zoomed in on a giant ice cream sundae he was about to tear into, not the heaviness of the chemo that was running through him. When the neurologist showed up to examine him and asked, "how are you doing" he, with out hesitation shouted GREAT, paying no mind to the meticulous details his mom was registering and dealing with. This picture was taken right after his thick wavy beautiful brown hair was shaved off, to avoid the inevitable. He just put a hat on and ate his next meal.
Jaxon is autistic. He has really come a long long way from his diagnosis and approaches life with zest, from the minute the lights go on to the last story he reads or game he plays on his ipad. He smiles so warmly, you would hardly know the battle he faces ( he gets that from his Mom, her smile is gorgeous) He lives what Jesus talks about when he says "become like little children" matt 18 3. What the world has "disabled" Jaxon to do, God is doing for him in a mighty way. Jaxon's weakness is overshadowed by God's strength. Jaxon does not labor nor fear; look into his eyes, no fear there. He is not dreading every medical procedure or hanging on every diagnosis, bet he doesnt' even think about them. Could there be a better way to go through this? Make no mistake, his family, Mom and Dad especially carry a heavy burden, but, as parents of 5 they faced many challenges, and are seeking the Lord for strength. They also need your prayers as the road is long. Please keep Doug and Dara Robb and their family in your prayers. I have to add that the first thing I saw when I entered the hospital room was a verse written on the white board, a verse I have prayed and still stand on in great faith, a verse I keep bumping into, that is sitting on my counter next to my coffee cup.
For I know the plans I have for you
declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not harm you,
plans to give you a hope and a future
Jeremiah 29:11
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