Final Farewell to Pals Cabin via Devil Gourmet

We know great writing when we read it. We love to share it too. The awesome team at Devil Gourmet put into words the era of meeting greeting and eating that was Pals Cabin in my native town, West Orange. I have spent the last few weeks speaking to people who grew up with the Horn family, worked there, and gathered there. I sifted through memories of my own over the last 30+ years. When I read Thomas Pluck's Goodbye Pal's Cabin, I reached out to the team of writers and they graciously allowed us to repost. It could not have been written better, and it is posted as the Horn family are auctioning off the furnishings and memories from what will always be one of the home of memories for many.

Goodbye Pal’s Cabin | West Orange NJ (via Devil Gourmet)

Pal’s Cabin of West Orange is a landmark and a portal to an age of timeless Americana, where rough hewn wood and a char-broil grill evoked the frontier as you saw the USA in your Chevrolet. While such roadside eateries may remain a few short miles off the Interstate landscape, if you want to visit…

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One Response to Final Farewell to Pals Cabin via Devil Gourmet

  1. Dana Lombardi says:

    great recap of a great place… glad I can say I was there..when…