One 16 Year Old With A Strong Mind And A Pure Heart

Help one 16 year old with a strong mind and a pure heart make a difference in the lives of many. Pam is a friend and her daughter Leah is amazing and is following her heart.

This is from FunkyFleece.Com :

My 16 year old daughter is like many of the amazing youth of today...socially conscious and wanting to aid in an outreach program. She has always dreamed of going to Africa - to help in any way she can. The summer of 2012 her dream came true...and she headed to Kenya, Africa for 3 weeks of volunteering with the Me to We/Free the Children youth program. This is a very expensive venture...funded completely by the participant's family...but it was a life-changing experience in countless ways. Many hours were spent by the group of volunteering youth, helping build new school rooms for the Sikirrar Primary School in the Mara Massai region of Kenya. My daughter loved the experience so much that she plans a return trip to continue this amazing the summer of 2013! My company is committed to this cause, and Funky Fleece product sales will go directly to fund this trip. A straight donation, of any size, would be SO greatly appreciated! THANK YOU so very much for your generosity - for an amazing cause! Sincerely, Pam McIntyre - owner on behalf of my amazing daughter Leah (16 yrs, grade 11 student)

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