Will Sandy Relief Remember “The Little Guy”

As New Jersey continues the ongoing process of rebuilding and recovering from Super Storm Sandy, many questions remain on the minds of residents and small business owners still cleaning out, still homeless and still unsure of their future.

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The IRS released a statement in February announcing “additional tax relief to affected individuals and businesses by further extending tax deadlines of that relief until April 1” for heavily affected counties in both New Jersey and New York. The statement goes on to offer help to those outside the affected areas and those who have helped philanthropic organizations but reside outside the affected areas, but it is vague and if you “think” this applies to you, they offer a phone number to call. I wonder, has anyone ever called a help line for the IRS during tax season and was able to resolve an issue that way?
According to NJ.COM, organizations like Robin Hood Foundation, who ran the mega concerts in the early weeks after Sandy, “awarded more than $50 million in grants to dozens of nonprofit groups, with nearly 40 percent of the funds earmarked for relief efforts in New Jersey.” In the same article, First Lady of New Jersey, MaryPat Christie is questioned on the whereabouts of the 32 million her Sandy charity has raised. Mrs. Christie stated, “the plan was to lend support to reputable nonprofit groups that will be providing victims with financial assistance and other services in the months and years to come.” Real progress seems to be coming from grass roots organizations like TeamJersey2012, run entirely by volunteer and donation, work tirelessly to aid families in returning home. See their progress, needs and how you can help by visiting Facebook.
It is nearly 5 months since New Jersey was ravaged. Constant reminders are posted all over the internet. While it may be great to see the boardwalks and amusements that line the jersey shore show signs of recovery, the working class towns like Port Monmouth and Union Beach still suffer. Residents of beach communities like Ortley and Ocean Beach still face the challenge of raising their homes or paying much more in flood insurance. And there’s Hudson county, slowly and silently rebuilding, waiting patiently for the large relief effort to reach the “little guy”.
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