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There is nothing quite like a cup of coffee, especially that first one of the day. For some it is a mundane routine to wake up and get their motors running. But for others it is an experience. Grinding the beans fresh, the aroma and of course the first sweet sip set up the rest of the day. Pablo Castaneda understands the craft from bean to brew, and brings his wonderful culture to the art of coffee curation.
Pablo comes from generations of Guatemala coffee growers and truly embraces his culture. Inspired by his family tradition and driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, he started Kafes Guatemala. He grows the finest coffee from the Antigua region of Guatemala delivering the freshest cup possible direct from the plantation. With excellent growing conditions tradition steeped in culture and hand crafted process, Pablo promises you a wonderful Guatemalan coffee experience.
I write first hand, as having the opportunity to fill my home with the aroma of dark rich fresh ground coffee beans is the equivalent of heaven for me. Don Pablo’s Finest Ensenada Blend was incredibly smooth and rich in coffee taste; a perfect start to the day. As I write this I am sipping the creamy sweet Caramel, full of flavor and so smooth. Last I experienced Raspberry Chocolate, recommended by Pablo himself and the best way to describe it; dessert in my cup. It is the perfect balance of chocolate coffee and sweet raspberry. After I brewed some, one of my kids asked me what I was baking.
Honestly it was not coffee that drew me to Kafes Guatemala first, it was the cause that drives Pablo. The desire to not only see the people of Guatemala triumph, but his heart is for those who are in need. I am reprinting here, segments of the story that lead me to inquire and discover more than just a great cup of coffee.

Milagros is a program where the girls can learn to have their own business; they learned to make fine jewelry or textiles. Two teams of 10-15 girls each are learning every step of the process, including sales and marketing. The objective is that when they turn 21 they can have their own business but I can tell you there is a great purpose in all of this. The fact that they know they are not alone, but loved.

Their jewelry or textiles are made with the best and fine materials, clay, stones and textiles. They are learning an art and skill and they are in charge of the entire process. They are learning about logistics, shipping costs, inventories and sales. The most amazing thing is that their confidence is growing or being restored.
This is one example of the heart for community Pablo has. Currently he is assisting a family in great need of funds for medical assistance. He shares a personal message here:

Dear Friends, I'm sharing this video and facebook page, Eloise is a 8 months baby girl. She suffers from a genetic Hyperinsulinism, her pancreas is being affected tremendously. She needs a surgery and that will cost the family $73,000.00. Mom and Dad are asking for every person to give $1.50,that is then at least 50,000 people who can help her.
Kafes Guatemala is going to dedicate our Online Store ALL FEBRUARY AND MARCH TO GIVE $1.50 PER BAG SOLD, plus we are going to make a direct donation, if you feel like helping please do so. You can contact them directly as well through their facebook page.

Please try one of Kafes Guatemala‘s amazing coffees and help out this family. Visit their Facebook page and by all means share this with friends. Every purchase in February and March will not only fill your cup but help this family in great need. Thank you Pablo for not only making a truly wonderful cup of coffee, but helping making other’s lives better.

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