Nemo Did Not Stop Hoboken Shoprite Grand Re-Opening

For Hoboken residents, the wait is over. Hoboken ShopRite opened their doors for the first time since Sandy flooded the streets. Folks lined up for the 9 am re-open, and they were greeted with flowers and re-usable grocery bags. Mayor Dawn Zimmer was on hand to celebrate one of Hoboken’s most prominent resident’s return.
Residents Michael Perrone and Tara Zahodnick were among the first in the brand new doors and were happy to see the shelves stocked and the isles noticeably wider and more accommodating. They both live just a block from the ShopRite and were going to Jersey City for their groceries

Michael Perrone shows off the well stocked meat department

Employees were ready to help, and shopping carts were overflowing. Even the piles of snow NEMO dropped could not stop the folks from coming to welcome ShopRite back to action. They are open for business.

Happy customer Tara Zahodnick

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