Helping Out After Sandy

So much of New Jersey and New York still suffers from the aftermath of Sandy. Folks are in need of great relief. Below are links to help in different ways. While most of us have much to be thankful for this season, many have suffered great loss. Please click through and see what you can do to help

American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy
16 shelters were set up by the Red Cross throughout New Jersey and New York. Over 6 million meals have been served and 2 million relief items distributed. The need is still great

Jersey Shore Hurricane News Facebook
This amazing Facebook page is helping folks recover lost treasures and personal items washed away, linking people and organizations and offering help the best way Facebook knows how. Almost 200 thousand people follow.

Governor Christie and First Lady MaryPat's Sandy Relief Fund
The Governor has set up an online donation site for direct relief and resources to families in need.

State of New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Information Center
This page, also set up by the Governor has FEMA information as well as hotlines for volunteers, transportation information, and several hotlines with information readily available

In the coming weeks NJGreats will be lending a hand to folks businesses and communities that are in need. Please contact us if we can help or help get information out.
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