NJGreats Crosses International Borders

Meet NJGreats first ever International "Across the Border" interview with the fleece master, Pam McIntyre. She and her husband run a successful dental practice. One day she entered a fabric store. Amazed by the vivid colors and textures, Pam had her “moment of clarity”. She was home. And it was that moment that gave birth to Funky Fleece.

It was 2003 and Pam began her company making bright fleece blankets. Fleece, being such a comfortable and durable fabric, was a great to work with and very appealing. Orders came pouring in as she sold mostly on line and began doing trade shows.

However, it was Pam’s use of social media that sent her business to new levels. While she is based in Winnipeg, Canada, she travels great distances to do trade shows. Pam, even after just talking to her, makes you excited about fleece, her passion overflows and the craftsmanship and creativity in her work is evidence of that. So, it is no surprise that Facebook helps Pam keep in touch with her long distance clients. The popular Manitoba blogger Jody Arsenault at http://www.mommymoment.ca took an interest in Pam and decided to host a Twitter party with Pam as the guest. It was her introduction to Twitter but, in no time, Pam was tweeting with the rest of the world building a following and, you guessed it adding to her client base. Have to admit, I found her on Twitter, tweeted about all kinds of things, and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to write about her and Funky Fleece. She also uses the wildly popular @Pinterest, to display not only her handiwork, but some other interests as well, growing her online presence and her business. I like her description, “Pintrest is circle of people you like, sharing about things you like”.

One click on the Funky Fleece and you will find everything from fleece for the entire family to crochet hats, savvy satin diaper covers and endless accessories. Something else you will find is the opportunity to make a donation to her daughter’s out reach trip to Kenya with the Me to We youth program she participates in. Pam is donating 100% of all sales in July to help defray the cost of this trip. There is also a page to donate directly.

We are so honored to have Pam and Funky Fleece as our first ever, international “Across the Border” post. While I am in New Jersey, miles from Winnipeg, it is Twitter that keeps us close. Please stop by her site and tell her we sent you. Tweet with her
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