NJGreats Loves Eyedews

NJGreats is just wild about Eyedews. I use them all the time. I tweet about them constantly, wrote about them in InWithSkin magazine, post on my Facebook wall about them and can say, I can’t live without them. So it is about time I write about them here.
It all started while following Sherri Kuhn‘s tweets. I respect her writing and enjoy her personal experience. She recommended trying Eyedews. Jumping over to their website, I read all about them, and quickly ordered some. They were made from natural ingredients, and were nothing like any eye product I have ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot. At 40 something my face shows years of sun exposure, especially under the eyes. That area also seems to be dry all the time. I have had two bouts with excema under my eyes and have stopped using anything with heavy chemicals.

When they arrived I put a few pairs in the fridge and the next morning after I worked out, I tried them. I was amazed at the rush of moisture that lasted all day. Instantly, my eyes looked brighter, this lasted throughout the day. One evening my eyes were puffy , I put them on to relieve the swelling and that rush of moisture lasted through the night and into the morning. This was the most amazing product I have ever used and began telling everybody I knew. I brought a few to my sisters’ house in Connecticut. A bunch of family went up for an overnight and the next morning everyone tried eyedews. My sister was amazed at how bags and dark circles disappeared over a cup of coffee and eyedews that morning. They even work wonders during the wicked pollen season. Everyone who tried, buyed!!
By far the most amazing Eyedews experience for me was earlier this week. This year I experienced migraine headaches for the first time. They include everything from vision loss, dizziness, pressure in my head, nausea, and light sensitivity. The day after this one, I decided to try eyedews as my eyes were very tired, heavy and riddled with dark circles. After 15 minutes, not only did my eyes look better, they felt better. The tired heavy feeling was gone.
I will say it again, I love eyedews. But don’t take my word for it. Try them, tell them I sent you and then tell me about your amazing experience.
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One Response to NJGreats Loves Eyedews

  1. DanS says:

    Have to agree love them passing them on to my friends in CT thanks sis for introducing them to me!